You sneaked into my brother’s life,
You became his life,
You bring tranquil in his life,
That’s why you are the best wife.

You got success in uniting the whole family together,
Because of you the whole family spend time with each other,
You are different from others,
That’s why you are the best sister-in-law for all brothers.

You can read my brother’s mind,
You made his life better,
Next line is not coming in my mind,
I will complete this poem later.

Praddyumn Kulshreshtha



There is a teacher,
She is worries invented forever,
She is very morose,
That’s why no one dared to propose.

She has an aversion to everyone,
That’s why she has no intimacy to anyone,
That person is plucky who has such a wife,
But he is unlucky because she ruined his life.

68+1 is 69,
But their students are not fine,
God please save them,
Otherwise she will be dangerous for them.

Praddyumn Kulshreshtha


Chhoo kar dekho Baarish ki in boondo ko,
Milta hai bahut anand,
Sun Kar dekho in tap-tap Karti boondo ko,
Milta hai param anand.

Bahut bhadiya hai yeh pal,
Bahut mazedar hai yeh pal,
Iss pal ko na jaane do,
Khushiyon ko tum aane do.

Praddyumn Kulshreshtha


Yaad aate hai School ke vo khaas din,
Miss karte hai School ko har din ,
Kaise bhool paaenge School ko,
Ab to na jaa paaenge School kisi din.

Waqt aa gaya ab yaha se jaane ka,
Ab to bahana naa raha yaha rukne ka,
Waqt aa gaya sapno ki taraf badne ka,
To waqt aa Gaya College mein admission lene Ka.

Praddyumn Kulshreshtha

A Girl Having Foul Smell

There was a girl who doesn’t bath,
She always smells like the fart,
Nobody likes her by the heart,
She always smells like the fart.

Her smell bugs everyone,
She was hated by everyone,
She smells like a dead pig,
Because of this nobody wants to penetrate his dick.

Everybody ignores her,
Nobody wants to propose her,
Groom will have been falling down during vows of marriage,
And because of foul smell she will be having miscarriage.

-Praddyumn Kulshreshtha


Happy birthday to you,
May all your dreams come true,
This poem is the gift for you,
I wish everyone get a teacher like you.

I dunno how to say thankyou,
When I need someone I found you,
I learnt the lesson of life from you,
I wanna be best student for you.

You pulled me out from dead end,
But your knowledge has no end,
I faced difficulties in my life,
But you solved all the difficulties of my life.

When you’re happy, you look good,
You can read me like a book,
You fasten everyone in studies in class,
That’s why your teaching style is like the hook.

By-Praddyumn Kulshreshtha



You are too far from me,
But still you are very near for me,
Happy birthday to you,
You are the best father for me.

Right now I have this poem for you,
This poem is dedicated to you,
I wanna become your son in all lifetimes,
I wish this day will come infinite times.

You are very special for me,
You are more than god for me,
At the time of mistake you always forgive me,
That’s why you are the best father for me.

You are the one who always nurture,
You are the one who removed my fear about future,
You told me that we would make the world’s biggest transport company,
But you have no idea that your company (friendliness) is the best company.

Praddyumn Kulshreshtha