I am feeling wierd from some days,
I feel like this is happening second time in my life,
I am feeling happy nowadays,
I guess someone is teaching how to love again in life.

Feelings are developing again,
I dunno what is happening to my brain,
Positivity is coming in my life,
Now life is changing its lane.

My life was going on the lane of negativity,
Now it is changing its lane to the lane of positivity,
Now I am forgetting my past,
My past and present have contrast.

When I think about her, I forget my tension,
I guess this is an attraction,
I imagine her in every romantic song,
Now I feel that nothing is going wrong.

I used to feel headache,
But when I think about her, I don’t feel headache,
My feelings are not fake,
What an awesome moment she made.

Praddyumn Kulshreshtha

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